Discover a selection of web resources, scripts, plugins and CSS tools to customize your site! The first episode of JS libs is dedicated to Youtube plugins. Happy customization!

Youtube Loading Bar

A small jQuery plugin that allows you to add a « Youtube-like » loading bar to all your ajax links.

Initialization example

  replaceURL : true, // You can visibly change the URL of the browser to reflect the clicked links by toggling this to true
  target     : '#loadingbar-frame', // The container's selector where you want the ajax result to appear
  direction  : 'right', // The direction where the the loading bar will progress
Script Web : Youtube Loading Bar


Tubular is a jQuery plugin that allows you to set a YouTube video as the page background. To do this, all you have to do is integrate the plugin into your site and then link the container of your page to the ID of your Youtube video and you're done!

Initialization example

$('#wrapper').tubular({videoId : 'aJTGyyRXDh4'}); // where videoId is the YouTube ID

Configurable options

ratio            : 16/9, // Usually either 4/3 or 16/9 -- tweak as needed
videoId          : 'aJTGyyRXDh4',
mute             : true,
repeat           : true,
width            : $(window).width(), // No need to override
wrapperZIndex    : 99,
playButtonClass  : 'tubular-play',
pauseButtonClass : 'tubular-pause',
muteButtonClass  : 'tubular-mute',
volumeUpClass    : 'tubular-volume-up',
volumeDownClass  : 'tubular-volume-down',
increaseVolumeBy : 10, // Increment value; volume range is 1-100
start            : 0 // Starting position in seconds
Script Web : Youtube Background Video


A small jQuery plugin to animate the thumbnails of your YouTube videos on hover or continuously.It is possible to adjust the flow rate of the images for a better fluidity of the preview.

Initialization example


Configurable options

interval : 500, // The animation rate in ms (default: 500ms)
mode     : 'constant' // How the animation should run 'constant' or 'hover' (default : hover)
Script Web : animating YouTube thumbnail images

Youtube autoplay playlist

Automatic Youtube playlist player, this jQuery plugin also allows you to apply a cinema effect to your videos by "turning off the light" on your site! There are many options and settings available to customize how videos look and play.

Initialization example

  listtype  : 'custom',
  listvalue : 'gFftC9O9EZ0,-Fv-iUhLcys,Vv2YXjCWg1A,eIa7YxlHq3A'

Configurable options

listtype        : 'search', // Choose between playlist, user_uploads, custom or search (max. 20 video's)
listvalue       : 'nature', // Playlist ID, channel name, ID's seperated by comma's (custom) or search for keywords
autoplay        : false,    // If set to true the player will play onload
showrelated     : false,    // Show related movies at the end of the movie
showinfo        : true,     // Display thumbnail images for the videos in the playlist
autohide        : false,    // Indicates whether the video controls will automatically hide after a video begins playing
theme           : false,    // Set the color scheme foer the player. true is white ad false is black
modestbranding  : true,     // Set to false to show the youtube logo in the player controll bar
iv_load_policy  : false,    // Setting to true will cause video annotations to be shown by default
allowfullscreen : true,     // Show the fullscreen button
controls        : true,     // This parameter indicates whether the video player controls will display
hd              : false,    // Play the video's in HD at startup
maxwidth        : '',       // Here you can set the maxwidth in % or px
center          : false,    // If maxwidth is set you can optional center the player
lightsout       : true      // Mouseover the video turns out the light effect (background fading)
Script Web : autoplay Youtube playlist

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